What are Rebuildable Atomizers?
  1. Different kinds of RDA's and RTA's RDTA's 
  2. What kind of coil should I use?
  3. How to Install the coils.
  4. Airflow & Battery safety.
  5. 5.OHM's Law and Mechanical Mods.

1. What's the terminology. 

  • RBA= ReBuildable Atomizers
  • RDA= Rebuildable Drip Atomizer
  • RTA= Rebuildable Tank Atomizer
  • RDTA= Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer
 RBA is a general term used to describe a deck that can install coils to be vaped. Like a "Vehicle" and the RDA is a motorsycle and a RTA is like a truck. 



2. What kind of Coils? Simple and complex


Fused Clapton: ​

  • Named after Eric Clapton "Guitar String"
  • Cooler vape 
  • Basic and easy to make

Alien: ​

  • Warmer vape. 
  • Flavor is better than Fused Clapton. 
  • More saturated vape than FC. 
  • Little less vape production. 
  • Last's long because it stays saturated from the wave design and if you keep is dripped. 

Fused Clapton:

  • 2x 26g core wire
  • 38g outer wire


  • Clapton 1x26g with 38g
  • Decore it
  • Wrap the decore on 2x26g






  • Same as alien but is flattened
  • More surface are gives lower resistance and more vapor production.
  • Has pockets of wire between the wraps for better wicking. 


  • Hollow core allows for better wicking. 
  • Very warm vape. 
  • Designed for mechanical mods.


  • Clapton 1x26g with 38g
  • Decore it
  • Wrap the decore on 2x26g


  • (1x26g + 1x28g + 1x26g) 38g 


How to clean you coils?

Your coils get dark and charred eventualyCould be 1-30 days of use.

  1. Remove Cotton 
  2. Increase the wattage and "Pulse" until glowing red hot.  
  3. Dunk under water or tap. If they are still dark, take a q tip or cotton and polish off.  
  4. Dry the coils by heating them up.  
  5. Rewick the coils. Not too loos or too tight.  
  6. Cut, tuck, juice... Vape



Black char on the coils are the sweeteners and flavorings are the remnants of vaporized e liquid off the coil. 


Types of Wire

Kanthal: ​
  • High Resistance
  • High temperature and durablilityy
  • Iron, Chromium, Aluminum


  • Low Resistance
  • Good for mechanical devices
  • Iron, Chromium, Nickel
  • Some people are alergic to Nickel

Stainless Steel:​
  • Low Resistance
  • Good for mechanical devices
  • Iron, 10.5%Chromium, 1.2% Carbon 
  • Can be used with both regular and temperature controle devices